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A New Way To Knit

A New Way To Knit

A few years ago I knit and crocheted a charity marathon- 26 miles of yarn made up into items to donate to charity. I wish I kept better notes for better details but I did give away hundreds of items. I also came up with tendonitis so bad that I had to go through physical therapy and my project got sidelined.

I’ve slowly worked my way back into knitting but have been much more careful about it. I have found that crochet bothers me more than knitting and heavier gauges are the worst. Still, I really want to make a blanket for my nephew Scott.

I didn’t meet Scott until he was two, so he didn’t get a blanket at birth like all of my other nieces and nephews. He’s a big boy now so I can’t make just a little lovey either.

I found the perfect pattern and have cast on for the Starflanket by Stephen West. It is going much better than his other patterns I’ve tried. I have purchased at least three of his patterns without finishing the projects. His designs are so interesting but about a quarter of the way in I think, “This is too crazy. I would never wear it!” and I put it away. With a blanket, I don’t have to have that worry.

It is also the perfect canvas for a new method of knitting I am trying: Norwegian knitting, also called ergonomic knitting.

I first learned of this on my favorite knitting show, Arne & Carlos.

I have made significant progress on the new blanket with no pain in my elbows. I am starting to get the hang of the new method. I am slower than before but not so slow to be discouraging. I think I will keep it up!

I’ve always been confused by the stereotypical granny knitting. Doesn’t that hurt her joints?! Knitting is a young girl’s game! (Ha!) I hope I can keep my joints healthy to enjoy a long life of needlework.

What about you knitters and crocheters… How do you keep comfortable? 

white, gray, and black yarns
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “A New Way To Knit”

  • I love Arne and Carlos I watch them all the time! The larger the gauge the harder it is on my hands I take a lot of breaks switch up projects I usually have a knitting project and crocheting project going so I can switch back and forth can’t wait to see the blanket

  • That’s pretty much the way I do my knit stitches. I’m in my 80s, and have arthritis in my thumbs, but I don’t have any pain from knitting. Neither in my hands nor in my arms. I learned to knit the “English” way as a child, holding the yarn in my right hand, but 40 years ago taught myself “Continental” knitting so I could do two-color knitting with one color in each hand. It was so much faster and more even than English, so now I do all my one-color knitting that way. I think I keep my finger down, as Carlos does, because I already knew how to crochet when I switched to Continental. The yarn is held pretty much the same as for crochet. But I purl the usual Continental way, with lots more movement of my left index finger. Norwegian purl is quite different. It looks like they will be doing a video on Norwegian purl sometime soon. I’m tempted to try changing my purl stitch!

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