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Address Label Family Birthday Planner Stickers

Address Label Family Birthday Planner Stickers

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I found a handy way to keep track of our family’s birthdays and events.

In the last four years, my side of the family has increased by six people and we show no signs of slowing down. Even good aunts can start to forget birthdays. This is a trouble especially for aunts who love sending mail and feel terrible to miss a chance to send a card.

This year around Christmas time I made a spreadsheet of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries. You could use a Google sheet and ask everyone to fill in the information for themselves, but I ended up having to call everyone to fill it in.

Once downloaded, it is easy to do a mail merge to turn the spreadsheet into printable address labels. This way each event has its own sticker to be added to everyone’s and calendars.

I printed the stickers and gave a sheet to everyone in the family. Despite their tardiness filling in their spreadsheet, they appreciated the finished product! 😉 We don’t exchange gifts, but this is something I will keep up for my own self, and it is easy to print off a few extra.

It just so happened that between everyone’s birthday and anniversary, we filled exactly 1/3 of a sticker sheet. The joke is that to keep the rows nice and even, at least three events have to happen per year. We already have Jasper this year, and my brother is due for a baby in April… What could the next event be?

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