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Baby Shower Cash Gift | Baby Booties Dollar Bill Origami and Gift Box

Baby Shower Cash Gift | Baby Booties Dollar Bill Origami and Gift Box

I love to give cash as gifts but I feel like it needs to be spruced up for a personal touch. Here’s a gift I gave recently that I’m really pleased with.

My afghan supply is dwindling and honestly I would just rather knit and crochet for myself than for gifts! Luckily most people appreciate getting cash and I love a quick craft project.

We have two baby showers coming up so I hit Hobby Lobby and the ATM and got to work.

First, I folded the bills like baby booties following this tutorial.

I happen to know the gender of the babies we are going to showers for so I used colored yarn instead of curling ribbon.

dollar bill origami baby bootie gift box

From Hobby Lobby I purchased the Darling Deerest book of 12″ scrapbook paper. I was only able to find the 6″ set available online– it’s so adorable! I folded gift boxes using the tutorials from this site.

I had some crinkle paper filler left from a gift from my own baby shower (because I am THAT person) and tucked the booties into their boxes.

dollar bill origami baby booties

The boxes were tied with gray jute string and a metallic tag.

dollar bill origami gift box

I think they turned out really cute and I enjoyed making them. I still got to give a “homemade” gift that I am sure will be appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Cash Gift | Baby Booties Dollar Bill Origami and Gift Box”

  • Those are really cute, and I love the box made of scrapbook paper. I use origami if I am giving cash, it does feel like I put more of an effort in the gift. I have given my son origami money gifts and he has never unfolded them! I guess that is one way to save for a rainy day.

  • I love to do money origami as gifts! As you said, it adds a little excitement to a gift of money. When my kids have gone to birthday parties I have made turtles and swords but the favorite amongst elementary aged kids has been rings. Thanks for the booties idea! I haven’t come across that tutorial on Pinterest.

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