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Cape Cod Half Story Remodel | 1

Cape Cod Half Story Remodel | 1

Sunday afternoon I came home from the coffee shop to find Spencer tearing apart the attic. I guess that means our remodel is officially underway.

Our Cape Cod style home has a half story with a small room that was billed as a third bedroom. We ripped up all of the orange shag carpet shortly after we purchased the home but have done very little since. We aren’t in a hurry to sell and we don’t need the extra space, so this project has been low on the list. But it’s part of a domino effect of renovations that would make our home more comfortable.

half story attic remodel

In its current state, the attic is chopped into two rooms with the one with the stairs being almost unusable. There is not insulation, ventillation, or closets. It is lit by two single lightbulbs and has four electrical outlets.

So here’s the plan…

The dividing wall will be removed making the half-story a large loft.

The plan is to rip up all of the flooring, install can lights in the downstairs closets and hallway, run heating and air conditioning up through the bathroom closet, and add spray-foam insulation.

We will take off the cheap panelling, add ventilation and spray foam insulation, and cover with drywall. We will also remove the railing and replace it with a half wall. There will be at least one built-in closet added.

Spencer will be doing most of the work but we will hire out for removal of the old insulation and the replacement of the spray foam insulation. I will help where I can. Today I scraped carpet tape and black carpet padding from the stairs and removed nails and there is still much of that to do. We will install carpet flooring but will restore the hardwood stairs. I think.

half story remodel

Here is a view from the west side of the house looking east.  I had been planning on it as a bonus room but now I’m imagining it as a master’s suite. I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of the new and improved space.

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