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Cast On: Scrappy Acrylic Penguono Coat

Cast On: Scrappy Acrylic Penguono Coat

I recently cast on a Penguono Coat. It was much harder than it sounds.

The Penguono is a crazy scrappy design from Stephen West. (Check it out on Ravelry) Different thicknesses of yarn are held together to make a bulky yarn. It’s a great way to use up a stash.

I have been intrigued by the design but never started because I wanted to wait until I had enough “nice” yarn. So many people on Ravelry have made their entire coats from alpaca, sock yarns, mohair, etc. They are gorgeous!

I know its sacrilege in some circles, but I finally decided to just cast on in acrylic. I have plenty of it in colors that I like. It will be big and squishy, and, best of all, washable. The design is pretty loud so I’m not sure I will wear it out of my home. That means it has to be dog-fur friendly.

The design- mostly garter stitch- is acrylic-friendly too. I don’t have to worry about blocking it like with lace or cable designs.

Anyway. Casting on.

The size of the coat is determined by the gauge. I wanted it big, but not too big. So I started out with size 10 needles and bulky yarn. It was waaay too huge! So, three rows in, I ripped it out and started again with size 8. It still seemed really big. I kept knitting and had about five inches knit. It seemed soooo big! I checked my gauge again and again. I couldn’t figure it out!

Finally, I counted my stitches. Duh. Because of my understanding of the provisional cast on that I used, I actually had cast on double the amount of stitches. So I ripped that out too.

I finally cast on with size 9 needles and worsted weight yarn. Now it’s coming along quickly.

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