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Current Works in Progress

Current Works in Progress

This week I have two baby blankets as my most prominent works-in-progress. One has been languishing for a while and the other is a recent addiction inspired by a book I am reviewing over on Mom’s blog today.

I recently had a great day at Goodwill. I resolved to buy no new clothes or craft supplies this year but am allowed to make secondhand purchases. One of my worries was finding hiking sandals for my trip to Utah this summer. I found a pair of great-condition, great-fitting Tevas for $5.

I started my ABC granny square blanket back in December but had to quit when I ran out of white yarn. At Goodwill I found a big scrap bag for just $5.

In addition to loads of scrappy goodies it had 12 oz white, which is plenty to finish the blanket.

Granny square ABC blanket

I am using a new technique (called “Top Linked Double Crochet” in Complete Crochet Course) to join the squares while completing the last round of the granny squares. It is working very well and the blocks are lying flat. I might plan on this method on purpose in the future.

The ABC squares are a free pattern as a Ravelry download from Mary Walker.

My new television project is a bobble crocheted baby blanket.

I am using up my pastel less-than-worsted-weight yarn with a bobble pattern I found in Complete Crochet Course.

sock yarn stash blanket afghan bobble crochet

I have been holding two strands together and working with a size “K” hook. I started with two pink yarns and add whatever is next in rainbow order when I have worked through a whole skein. It has been way too good at its job of eating up yarn so I have been putting a skein of white in between each color.

This week is going to pretty busy. My grad classes will be off of spring break and we have pictures coming up for the musical I am costuming. Hopefully I will still have progress to share on my projects next week.

I really soaked up my last “free” weekend for awhile and have a finished blanket to share this Friday. Here’s a sneak peek:

citrus slice granny square stack afghans blankets

5 thoughts on “Current Works in Progress”

  • My second grade son & a bunch of other kids on the bus have been crocheting. The only stitch I knew to teach him was a chain. He has been wanting to make things other than bracelets (chains ☺). I’ve asked some of the neighbor ladies but they don’t know how to crochet either. Maybe I’ll try this book! Thanks for the great review on your Mom’s blog!

    • When I first learned to crochet (also in second grade!) I made a whole ball of yarn worth of chain, rolled it up, unravelled it, and started over again. 🙂

  • I have been following your mom’s blog for years and try to get over here to see yours once in a while. Crocheting hurts my arm, so I rarely do it any more, but it’s fun to see your projects come together! I see you are coming to Utah. That’s where I live! Since you mentioned hiking, I’m guessing you won’t be in the Salt Lake Area, but if you are, let me know. There are some “must-see” spots, including Ruby Snap cookies, right next door to my office. Look them up if you can’t find me and enjoy your adventures out West!

    • Hi Paula, thanks for visiting! Two years ago when I knit & crocheted my charity marathon I had tendonitis and had to do physical therapy and everything. Now I try to “cross train” with knitting and sewing but crocheting is my very favorite.
      I will be in Utah this summer! I will be chaperoning a high school backpacking trip so I’m afraid I won’t be able to get away. I’ve heard the Salt Lake City area is beautiful!

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