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Dollar Bill Origami Dogs | G & G Birthday Party

Dollar Bill Origami Dogs | G & G Birthday Party

We recently went home for Gannon and Georgia’s first birthday party.

Gannon and Georgia are the son and daughter of my sisters, born just one week apart. It has been so much fun watching them grow up together. Last year was hard with my dad’s prolonged illness and eventual death, but we always appreciated the bright light the babies brought to the hard days. We joked that in addition to hospice care, people should get babies and beagles to help them along.

I have continued my trend of money gifts, spiced up with a little origami. Both Gannon and Georgia love their beagle dogs so I went with folded dogs for their cards.

dollar bill dog origami

I used a little bit of crochet thread to make “leashes” and glued them in place with a spot of tacky glue.

Here’s a link to the tutorial I used:

I don’t buy special occasion cards anymore but keep a variety of cute blank cards on hand. These were perfect for G & G.

While there I enjoyed everyone else’s new cameras. They captured some super cute images of Jasper.

He did so well on the long car ride there and back, which really warms my heart. I have always wanted to move back home and it is especially hard now that Jasper’s here. I cried more than Jasper on the ride home! At least now I know he is a good traveler so we can visit often.

Here is my Mom with her grandkids. It’s getting a lot harder to take a picture with everyone! Jasper is the youngest for only a couple more months. We will have another cousin in April.

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