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Finished Flower and Garden Shawl | Knit Doily

Finished Flower and Garden Shawl | Knit Doily

At long last, I have finished my Flower and Garden Shawl.

It wasn’t a shawl for me, but a knit doily. Instead of the size 7 needles to make a 50″ shawl, I went with size 2 needles and crochet cotton. It came out to be 36.”

I started this back in July at county fair time. I was scared that when my new baby got here I would not find time for crafting. I made a promise to always have at least one knit and one crocheted doily for the county fair every year. They are so meditative to make. I love that they are repetitive, but just enough challenging to zone out from everything else.

flower garden shawl 1

My county doesn’t have a category for knit doilies so I had to make one big enough to fall into the tablecloth category. This one came out really quickly until I got to the border. That took for. ever! The mock cable is worked back and forth and binds off only one stitch every two rows. I almost quit halfway through for a quick crocheted border but I’m glad I stuck it out.

I wasted no time in getting started on my crocheted doily for the year. I will be making a Rose of Erin doily from one of my vintage leaflets.

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