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Finished Granny Square Alphabet Afghan

Finished Granny Square Alphabet Afghan

At long last, I’ve finished my Granny Square Alphabet Afghan.

abc alphabet granny square afghan

I really like this one, probably because I love all things alphabet. I also liked that I was able to pull off something fairly gender neutral. (That coral turns pink every time, I swear!) I stumbled across the alphabet squares on Ravelry and designed out from there. I didn’t plan very well and it turned out gigantic, but it was fun to just grab yarn and see what happened.

Pattern: Alphabet Granny Square Letters (Free Ravelry Download)

Hook: “I”

Yarn: Scraps totaling about 2,200 yards

Finished Size: 47″ x 53″

I made all of the letter blocks over Christmas vacation (2017) but gave the blanket a break as I waited to find white yarn second hand.

The 26 alphabet squares are set four across and four down, with Z getting its own row, and a scrappy granny square separating each. I tried a new joining technique that worked the last row of the granny squares through the alphabet blocks, bringing them together. I explained it a bit more in my book review of Complete Crochet Course.

I added a border of white, red, gray, green, and two of white. I find that alternating direction for borders helps the final blanket to have a crisp corner. Hard to tell in my photos. Like I said, this thing ended up much larger than my preferred 40.”

This blanket is made completely from stash yarn. Despite my less-than-honest purchase of white yarn, I found some at Goodwill and was able to complete this without digging into my new stuff. In fact, I hid the new stuff and am going to hold out as long as I can without using it.

I want this blanket to go somewhere special, but I haven’t decided where yet. If it goes where I think it is going, I will have an upcoming blog post telling you the HUGE amount of money it raised for a favorite organization. We’ll see if I am able to part with it.

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