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Finished Granny Square Sampler Afghan | Red Agape Casual Crochet-Along

Finished Granny Square Sampler Afghan | Red Agape Casual Crochet-Along

I recently completed this granny square sampler afghan made from components of Crochet by Red Agape’s Casual Crochet-Along.

heart flower granny square sampler large

The crochet-along happened over two years ago. I only made it three months before I didn’t like the fourth block and quit. Because I had done the squares at a much larger gauge than the designer, it was already enough for a small afghan.

It is fun to go back and read my blog post about the crochet-along. At the time I was working through grad school and costuming our school’s spring musical. Times sure change! Thank goodness I’m done with my Masters! I made the tough choice to resign from costuming but honestly, I can’t imagine balancing it with family at this time. Maybe I’ll try again when Jasper is a bit older.

I joined the squares with my favorite add-a-border-as-you-join technique that is best described in my Scrap Addition afghan instructions. I also did a few extra rounds around the whole thing and a picot edge.

The leftovers from the sampler blocks went on to be yet another Blackberry Salad blanket (I love that pattern!) that I gifted a coworker. When I wrote that post it was May and I planned on making it for a coworker who was due in October and didn’t know the gender of her baby. Not only did I guess right that she was a girl, but her name is Dottie! What a perfect name for a dotty blanket.

The afghan has been almost done for quite some time. I only recently revived it to get the ends trimmed and get it washed because just the right baby was born for me to gift it to. More on that in a future post… It’s still a surprise.

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