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Finished Knit Felted Mosaic Hot Pad

Finished Knit Felted Mosaic Hot Pad

Earlier I shared how I used up crewel embroidery yarn for my teapot cozy, but I was left with scraps from that project. I have been needing another potholder so I knit the scraps up into a felted mosaic hot pad.

mosaic knitting wool hot pad potholder

I followed my own pattern from years and years ago. I used the scraps from my teapot cozy and size 6 needles. I didn’t take a measurement of the “dishcloth” before felting, but here is a picture on the same cutting board for reference.

garter stitch mosaic knitting hot pad pot holder

I tossed it in the wash on the sanitize cycle with some towels to felt it down and thicken it up. I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

wool felted potholder hot pad

The colors and pattern were fun to begin with but the felting really brought it out. The mosaic stitch was already nice and thick but with felting I think it’s thick enough for a real potholder.

back side hot pad potholder

(Heck, no, I didn’t weave in ends. The thicker the better, right?)

I think this is one of my most popular designs ever. There are more than 300 projects on Ravelry and people have made towels, afghans, and more. They are worth a look. I hope everyone likes this felted version as well.

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