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Finished Knit Vintage Inspired Tea Cozy

Finished Knit Vintage Inspired Tea Cozy

teapot cozy square

I drank a lot of tea while recuperating and it occurred to me that it got cold quicker than I would have liked but I preferred to drink it out of a cute little cup instead of a thermos. The natural solution was to make a sweater for the pot like in British period dramas.

hull teapot yellow

I took out my jar of wool scraps and got to work. I had found these old crewel work skeins at a thrift shop and was waiting to put them to good use in a scrappy project.

crewel embroidery wool yarn

There isn’t a pattern but I will explain my best.

I cast on 8 stitches with double-pointed needles size 6 needles and increased 8 stitches every other round until it was the diameter of the bottom of my pot.

teapot cozy knit bottom

I switched over to a puffy stitch design leaving two sections flat on either end. When it was the height of my pot I switched to a needle size two sizes smaller and worked a few rows in K1, P1 rib. I did an eyelet round for a drawstring and ribbed another 2″ or so.

To cast off I single crocheted two stitches together and chained three in between with fingering weight wool and size D hook.

I had intended to steek for the handle and the spout but opted to do the spout only with a crocheted steek.

I held two strands of worsted weight together to make a long chain for the drawstring. After feeding it through the eyelet round I added a pompom to each end.

Finally, I made another chain and tied it through the loop of the handle for a more secure fit.

teapot cozy handle tie

It’s my absolute favorite thing and it makes me smile when I walk by. It’s so frivolous and over the top. It should be noted, of course, that it works quite well as an insulator for my little yellow Hull teapot.

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