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Finished Pink and Purple Scrappy Granny Square Baby Blanket

Finished Pink and Purple Scrappy Granny Square Baby Blanket

Hello there! I’m back and above water enough to update my blog. My Utah trip was more fabulous than I ever could have imagined but it set me back a ways on my garden, grad class, and bloggable pursuits. I’m back and I have a finished project I’m especially excited to share.

pink purple scrappy granny square afgahn

Pattern: None

Hook: “I”

Yarn: Acrylic scraps

Finished Size: 44″ square

When my friend Liz came to drop me off at school before my trip she was concerned that I wasn’t bringing any yarn with. At the last minute, I stuffed a bag with all of the pink and purple yarn I could reach I’m so glad I did.

I was blessed with a co-chaperone who loves to drive so I was able to make all 49 of the squares for this afghan on my trip. Each colored square is four rounds. When I got back I did the same work-the-border-and-connect-at-the-same-time method I’m using for my Scrap Addition blanket.

Once again the whole blanket was made from stash yarn. I ran out of ecru at the end so there is a little bit of border that’s a bit creamier than the rest, but it adds character and I don’t mind. I hope the new owner doesn’t mind either.

Who is the new owner? Well, it could be you!

pink granny square afghan picot edge

You get a new blanket, and I get a pile of cash to donate to International Rescue Committee. I was blissfully privileged to avoid all the news for the two weeks of my trip but came home to a holy mess in Texas. And messes everywhere, really. It’s easy to feel helpless so that’s why International Rescue Committee is my charity of choice. I support the way they support people and I trust them to know which fire to put out first.

Technically, this is an official eBay for charity listing so the cash goes right to the charity. But please look at the listing and consider sharing it on social media or bidding for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Finished Pink and Purple Scrappy Granny Square Baby Blanket”

  • Lovely colors in this afghan.
    I know from your mom’s blog that you often receive donated yarn. Do you ever receive, or get at the thrift store, full skeins of yarn that smell very musty or are visibly dirty and what do you do with them? Use them and wash the finished product – wash the yarn first-or just throw the yarn away?


    • Visibly dirty or smoke-smelling I wouldn’t use. My yarn sometimes smells stale (like someone kept it in an attic) but I use it anyway and machine wash the finished product. That’s why I like working with acrylic.

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