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Finished Scrap Vortex Quilts

Finished Scrap Vortex Quilts

I’m so very proud of my eighth grade FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences) students. We’ve completed four quilts to donate to charity.

I’ve blogged before about how we used the Scrap Vortex design to use our donated fabrics and practice seam allowances. I have learned to expect a lot from my students, but I am just blown away at all they have accomplished this year!

Third block has been such a joy. It was awesome to see kids come together and complete a project. By the end of the term, I was able to hand students a stack of blocks and trust for them to be assembled neatly, having started from never sewing before. At the ages I teach, the “lightbulb moments” of kids discovering things for the first time get pretty rare, but I enjoyed many of them recently.

Today was our last day together. They are off for summer break and I have two more days of in-service before I get to join them.

scrap vortex grade 8 fcs

I won’t share many pictures of my students in this space, but if you are interested in what my classes are up to you can follow my classroom on Facebook and Instagram.

You can learn more about Scrap Vortex on Crazy Mom Quilts.



3 thoughts on “Finished Scrap Vortex Quilts”

  • What a great job your class has done! I haven’t tried a scrap vortex yet but I really want to see if it can’t make a dent in my scraps!

  • That is fabulous! It’s so nice to hear that home arts are still taught, under one guise or another, and that your students did such an outstanding job of something that will help others. They’ve also learned skills they can continue to use, if they want to. Way to go, Teach!

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