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Finished Semco Knitting Design Number 9 | Vintage Knit Doily

Finished Semco Knitting Design Number 9 | Vintage Knit Doily

I recently finished my first knit doily. I loved the process and am happy with the product too.

This doily was knit from a vintage knitting leaflet from the 1940’s that has been transcribed and is available for free online. I was quite pleased with the pattern and found it to be error-free, at least as far as I got.

semco fairy knitting vintage knit doily

There are several size options. I intended to make the full size but stopped at the “22” inch size. By that time the doily was 32″ and there were 50 very long rounds left. The entire doily is only supposed to be 36″. I used almost all of a 1000 yard ball of crochet thread and size 0 knitting needles.

The process of this was quite enjoyable but it seemed so slow. In hindsight, it only took two months, as I started it during Christmas break and finished it during my surgery recovery at the end of February. It was a bit frustrating because I had ten snow days and no finished projects to show for it. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, it was done!

semco knit doily edge

This is my first knit doily although I have lots of finished crochet doilies. This was much more relaxing. The pattern is easy to memorize and repeat all the way around. Every other row is just plain knit. It was a nice change from crochet which has several different stitches and something complicated happening in every row. I’m going to try to keep a knit doily going for when I need some meditation time.

In the meantime, I’m giving Hardanger embroidery a try. My goal is to have a doily in every category for the fair.

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