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Finished Strange Brew Baby Sweater | Hugs, Kisses, & Hearts

Finished Strange Brew Baby Sweater | Hugs, Kisses, & Hearts

I recently completed a baby-sized Strange Brew pullover with an x, o, and heart design.

I’m so pleased with my purchase of the ebook Strange Brew by Tin Can Knits. It includes several patterns as well as an amazing recipe for making several sizes of sweaters in several weights of yarn. All of the sweaters are for a detailed yoke design which I love. There are instructions for top-down, bottom-up, and a yoke wedge design. The book is an absolute treasure and a great starting point for people who are *almost* ready to design their own sweaters.

strange brew baby sweater x o

I made a yoke-wedge top-down sweater in the two-year-old size in a worsted weight yarn. I designed the yoke myself with an x, o, and heart design.

The yarn is a gift from my mom. I’ve been careful about not over-buying acrylic yarn but I couldn’t resist the cute sampler she found. There is just a small ball in several colors that go so well together. I challenged myself to use up all of the yarn she purchased into items to donate so this sweater will go in my Lutheran World Relief layettes collection. It shows off a great variety of colors from the kit.

This sweater was a great confidence booster. I’m looking forward to designing my own novelty sweater for the holidays.



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