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Finished Waffle Knit Socks for Mom

Finished Waffle Knit Socks for Mom

My second pair of socks were a gift for my Mom.

I blogged about my first pair of socks here.

My mom has been not-so-subtly hinting that she would like a pair of socks, so my second pair were made for her.

waffle knit socks

I dropped not-so-subtle hints that I was planning on a pair but I think she was surprised that I actually finished them. When I was growing up I almost never finished projects. Still today about half of my knitting is from unraveling other projects.

The yarn is Smooth Sock by Stitch Together Studio in Bourbon Brulee purchased from Blue Heron Knittery in Decorah, Iowa. I love the warm caramelly colors. I traveled all around my house to get the light right for photographing the color. Still, they are even better in person.

The texture of the yarn was a dream to knit with. This and the simple pattern made the socks enjoyable.

waffle knit socks texture

I made up this pattern using the math from my first pair of socks. I chose the stretchy ribbed design because I didn’t have my mom handy to try the socks on.

Just for my future reference, that means 72 stitches and 8 inches before decreasing for the foot down to 12 stitches.

When I did give her the socks, she tried them on immediately. I made her promise she would actually wear them because she has a habit of holding things dear. I got a good laugh because the next morning she came downstairs wearing them even though her outfit was black and I know she never mixes black and brown.

Now whenever someone needs a gift idea for me, I will have a gift idea for my mom. I’ll take 100 grams of beautiful sock yarn in navy or brown. Then I can have a gift for Mom and tens of hours of knitting enjoyment.

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  • Oh my!! Those socks are so pretty. Love the color too. I have knitted about 6 pairs using a toe up pattern on a size 0 or 1 and I use Judy’s Magic Loop Cast On. I always have to watch the YouTube every time I start a new sock because it takes me forever to finish a pair!!! I am going to check out the yarn you used. Now to find a pattern to advance out of the normal ribbed or unribbed sock.

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