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Friday Long Run

Friday Long Run

Of all of my crazy goals I set for the new year, running, the one I thought was most far-fetched at the time, is going the best.

“Running” is technically run/walk intervals per the Jeff Galloway method. Even though my pace is super slow I continue to improve and am a minute less than my 15-minute mile pace required to complete a marathon.

I run three miles three times per week and every other weekend I replace one of those runs with a long run that has been building mileage. Last Friday I completed nine miles.

Even with walking an entire mile in the middle and stopping to take a few pictures, I still made a 14:41 pace.

Instead of running around town, I drove to a nature trail. It was a half-hour away, but so worth it. I’m going to try to do all of my long runs at parks. The new scenery helps pass the time.

Friday was the most perfect day possible. It was bright, sunny, and 70 F.

I saw a bald eagle,

A blue heron, and a GREAT big snake.

The run out went very quickly but I got pretty lazy on my way back. Luckily (or not) my running leggings were way too tight and I had to use the restroom way too much so I kept going! I have a lot of running to do before I’ll wear those leggings ever again. (Ha!) I had been running in my maternity leggings so far but finally packed them away.

I broke down and bought some sized-up gear so now I can be much more comfortable on my uncomfortable, but rewarding, runs.

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