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Fussy Cut Project Progress

Fussy Cut Project Progress

I visited my Mom this weekend and was inspired to get out my Singer Featherweight 221 and get some stitching in.

All of these projects have been around for at least a year. Although I love sewing machines I don’t make a lot of time for sewing. I find that my creative time comes in bits and pieces so quickly picking up knit or crochet is easiest for me.

I am a serial project keeper. I like to stay engaged with what I’m working on and I don’t force myself to work on a project I’m not enjoying. At the moment I have three quilt projects going and each of them features fussy cutting- my favorite.

First I worked on my tumbling blocks stripes quilt. It is made up completely of men’s shirts. I based it off the instructions from Purl Bee but the blocks are much smaller.

baby block men stripe shirt

This was tricky to do on the featherweight with all of the inset seams and no backstitch, so I set it aside after a couple of seams.

Next up is my fussy cut floral drunkard’s path quilt. Each piece is cut to have a flower in the center. It will look really neat custom quilted up, but in the meantime, it is just a long slog of curved piecing. It’s not too hard but doing the same thing over and over is not very enjoyable.

fussy cut floral vintage sheet drunkards path

Finally on to my fussy cut I-spy. This is my favorite to cut and sew because it is all improv and it is fun to see the patterns emerge. For this one, I take a cut of fabric and first cut out all of the large 4 1/2″ blocks then 2 1/2″, then 1 1/2.” Then I just sit at my machine and patch all of the fussy pieces together into 4 1/2″ strips. I don’t have a plan, I just piece as I go.

fussy cut i spy quilt

Eventually, I would like to see this grow to a full-sized quilt but that is a long way away with tiny fussy squares that I only make as I collect the fabric. I am nearly to the bottom of my cut-square box and will have to keep an eye out for farm/country/nature theme fabric. I don’t have a set criteria for the fabric, but I know it when I see it. The thrill of the hunt makes this quilt especially fun.

For awhile then it will be back to the other two fussy projects. It sure feels nice to have my machine out again. I need to work on a way to arrange my home so a machine can sit out all of the time.

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  • I don’t know if I misunderstood your comment or not about a backstitch on your Featherwieght. Do you mean reverse? There is a reverse on a Featherwieght. Just put the stitch length lever all the way up and you go in reverse. Disregard my comment if that isn’t what you meant. pam Cute projects

  • I follow your Mom’s blog and than started following Kalissa when she started her blog. Hope you post more frequently so I can follow you too!

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