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Houseplant Refresh

Houseplant Refresh

I had a sudden burst of energy after my OB appointment today. Hopefully, this nesting means Baby is near!

That or, I had to find a way to hide my Norfolk Pine before Spencer got home. I’ve always wanted one but avoid shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I have always missed out. Today I found a giant one at Lowe’s for just $5 and couldn’t resist.

Things have been a bit of a jumble since rearranging for Baby. I used to keep a lot of plants in the baby room but they moved to a coffee table shoved against a window in the living room. The lighting there really isn’t the best and to be honest, the plants weren’t in the best shape anyway.

My kitchen window display had a lot of sad-looking African violets who didn’t well make it through my summer of neglect but that I hadn’t given up on yet.

I decided to have a spa day for all of my plants and take an honest look at who was going to thrive and who needed to live in the compost pile. I have a terrible tendency to personify plants and have a really hard time getting rid of them.

I’m not the only one who does this, right?

First order of business was to sort this big guy out…

plants giant aloe

This aloe was long overgrown and needed to go. It was unhealthy when I got it and I never really nursed it back. I took out as many pups as I could and composted the rest.

Here’s a before of my kitchen window. See all of the droopy African violets?

plants window display

Now there are only a few thriving African violets and I’ve added some plants that I downsized from the coffee table.

plants kitchen window after

My two bigger plants who were doing well got to move back to the baby room and enjoy the southwest windows. They are flanking my new Norfolk Pine where he will stay until Christmas next year. I’ll have to add a humidifier… You know… for the baby.

plants baby room

Some plants are finding new homes.

These two are for my brother who requested hanging plants for his new home. They are from a combination basket that was sent after Dad’s funeral. My brother isn’t known for being especially patient, so I hope he appreciates these even though they are pretty small for now.

plants give buck

These few are for my friend Lacey who requested plants for her classroom. She will be caring for my plants at school while I’m gone so they are kind of a thank-you gift too. And what of the aloe? I gave up on all of those pups and put them in a bag for the lounge. Hopefully, they will find a home with someone at work.

plants give away

I feel so much better looking at happy plants and I am appreciating the extra space. Talk to me in a few months when Baby is here and learning to crawl around- I will be due for a plant refresh then. It’s amazing to think about how this next year will fly!

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