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How to Recycle Razor Blades, Pins, Needles

How to Recycle Razor Blades, Pins, Needles

I’ve found a solution to recycling razor blades but I’ve discovered that it comes in handy for disposing of bent pins and dull needles as well.

Several years ago (too far back for my Ebay¬†order history to show) I purchased an adorable vintage safety razor for about $20 (They cost around $30 new) and a box of 100 blades for $10. Let’s say it’s been five years- that means I’ve spent less $6 a year on shaving expense, which will only go down as I’m not nearly halfway through the box of blades. Not bad, eh?

Although there is a clear dollar savings, my initial interest stemmed from the amount of unrecyclable plastic involved in something so frivolous as removing hair. It didn’t make any sense to choose a more sustainable option but then not have a disposal plan.

Here’s what I worked out.

how to recycle steel pins needles blade blades razor zero waste sustainable shaving

Buy a can of something liquidy like broth or tomato soup. Open it halfway with a smooth-edge can opener (This Pampered Chef one is my beloved high school graduation gift and still kickin’). Pry the lid up only far enough to remove the contents. Eat the contents. Rinse the can very well.

I have this can sitting in a corner of my bathroom closet. In all these years I still haven’t filled it, but when I do, I will press the lid shut, secure with a tiny square of duct tape, and take it in with the scrap metal.

Even if you’re not ready to try zero-waste shaving (but really, why not?), maybe a cute little 8-oz tomato sauce can could take some space in your sewing room for pins and needles.

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  • I keep an empty pill bottle for pins & needles. I have several – one for each machine. Remember the slot in medicine cabinets years ago? It was for razor blades. They just went down hollow space between studs until remodeling happened.

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