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Jasper At Four Months

Jasper At Four Months

My little guy is four months old today.

While world events are scary, they were timed in a way that gave me a long maternity leave with Jasper. School has been canceled for the year and I now get to stay home with him until he is seven months old.

We did venture out for his four-month appointment to find he is shaped like a lollipop.

  • Length 24 inches (17%)
  • Weight 12 lbs (6%)
  • Head 42 1/2 cm (86%) !!!

Other than his appointment we get out for a walk every day, but that is the extent of our travel.

He is so close to rolling over! He will roll and scoot to track across the room. He loves to watch the dogs most. He likes to play on in his gym and his keys are his favorite. He will just scoot up to them and chew.

He is so loud and chatty.

He had two bad days after his immunizations, but other than that he is happy and good-natured. He sleeps through the night; falling asleep easily at 8 and sleeping until 3:30 or 4 am. We are so lucky.

It feels like we are new parents and like we have known him forever all at once.

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