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Meet Baby Gannon

Meet Baby Gannon

Meet my new nephew Gannon!
meet baby gannon knit afghan blanket
My little sister Kalissa, her husband Craig, and their little guy Carver welcomed Gannon two weeks ago. He’s a perfect little angel and hardly cries. When he does it’s just a tiny squeak that is easy to console.

With my dad being unwell I’ve been home more than usual. Although I wish he was better I’ve enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephews. On Friday Kalissa and I did childcare for Mom while she took Dad to an appointment, and Gannon didn’t make a peep all day.

You may remember I made Gannon a “bit” which is what his older brother calls the blanket I made forĀ his baptism. My heart swelled to three times its size when Kalissa sent me this picture of the brothers.

baby boy knit blanket afghan scrap yarn

In addition to visiting Gannon again, I got to meet my new niece for the first time on my recent visit. I’ll introduce her (and her finished crochet blanket) in Wednesday’s post.

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