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On Thrift Adventures, Feeling Lucky, and Feeling Loved

On Thrift Adventures, Feeling Lucky, and Feeling Loved


Back in December, someone posted an event on my friend’s Facebook page for a Nova Montgomery Featherweight workshop to happen in Bettendorf, Iowa, in March. I messaged Mom and she, our friend Connie, and I all signed up for it. I gave a little more background on my machine obsession and featherweight acquisition in Wednesday’s post.

Monday was our big day, but our adventure started Sunday. Our family celebrated Easter as well as my niece and nephew’s baptism. From there I joined Mom and Connie in our trek to Bettendorf.

I managed to make it through our weekend without purchasing any new clothes or craft supplies. Kind of.

At Joann’s, I got sewing machine needles (a tool!) and at Micheal’s I bought WHITE YARN. (Dramatic backstory here) I fudged my rules here. If I were choosing to buy yarn new it would be I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. But I found a Micheals gift card from four years ago and figured that the purchase was made a long time ago, I was simply acquiring my purchase. Right? Anyway, I made that gift card go as far as I possibly could with two pounds of Pound of Love.

It seems the moment I make a new purchase I find it thrifted. At our various Goodwill stops I found a 4 oz skein of white yarn (among several other colors) and Bogs boots. I felt so bad over the boots that I considered returning my beloved chicken boots, but remembered that I tore all the tags off to prevent myself from doing just that. Also, the Bogs boots are insulated, so I’m covered for two seasons.

Other great thrift finds include a Vera Bradley backpack, a thread holder full of thread, lots of costumes items for Grease, a Swedish candle holder, and brimmed hats.

I love traveling with people who love the same things I do. They were excellent company and tolerant of my eccentricities. Maybe they even like me.

Connie always saves colorful plastic bags for me and brings me baby clothes for Lutheran World Relief. I brought Connie one of the totes I make from plastic sacks.* Most of my yarn comes to me in big goodie bags so I end up with stuff I won’t use. I’ve been saving all of the cotton for Connie because she loves to make potholders and dishcloths.

As we were unpacking the vehicle I noticed Connie’s beautiful bag from one of my favorite companies, Blue Q. This tote zipped all of the way closed and had generous handles. It was the exact design of my small sock knitting pouch that I left on a plane last summer. I told Connie my whole sob story about losing my beloved pouch and showed her my other Blue Q bag I brought.

Turns out the bag was mine. And what was inside but the same design of pouch I lost on the plane, colorful plastic bags, and baby clothes. She’s just the best.

The featherweight workshop was an amazing experience. But the best part of my time was the feeling of being with my people. I love chatting about all of the things that interest me without filtering for the “right” crowd (Bless them for their tolerance). I love being with my mom as a dear friend: Someone I would pick even if life hadn’t brought us together. Trying to express it makes me feel all of the feels and I don’t know how to end my rambling, so that is all for now.

* In my long, long ago blog I made a tutorial for how to cut up plastic bags into “plarn” and wrote a pattern for a tote bag, very similar to the one I gave Connie.

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