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Pancakes in a Pan

Pancakes in a Pan

All of the comfort of a pile of pancakes, baked quickly in a pan.

Pancakes and I haven’t always gotten along.

When we were growing up the rule was, you eat what you are served or you know where the peanut butter is. It was an empty rule because we wouldn’t dare actually getting up from the table and making ourselves a sandwich.

Except for pancake night and except for me. I hated pancakes.

I didn’t eat pancakes until I first met Spencer’s parents and pancakes were served. I couldn’t imagine how to make an excuse not to eat. The pancakes were fine, but I still never went out of my way to have them.

Fast forward twelve years and I was pregnant with Jasper. I had a sudden craving for a big pile of pancakes dripping with syrup so I went for it. Now we have pancakes at least once a week at our house.

I can’t quite figure out why I haven’t liked them all along. They are a big pile of starchy carbs covered with candy. What’s not to love?

For a while, I made them in my cast-iron skillet, one at a time. I recently upgraded to a griddle for my new gas stove and can make four at a time. And now, with this new recipe, I can pop them into the oven and have total hands-off from preparing them.

This recipe comes from a new-to-me Netflix show, Nadiya’s Time to Eat. Nadiya Hussain was a favorite of mine on The Great British Baking Show so I was happy to see her out on her own. Her series features quick and delicious meals that use shortcuts.

One shortcut is making pancakes in a pan. Check it out here.

If you don’t have a kitchen scale, know that 250 g equals two cups of flour.

You could make it even simpler and use a complete pancake mix: Just use half the water called for. The recipe says it can be made overnight and baked the next morning. Even easier!

It was a big hit at our house. I had mine with sliced banana on top and I still used syrup.

I think we’ll still have our pancakes the traditional American way: 1:1 ratio of flour to liquid on a hot buttered skillet, but these were fun to try and a good meal to have in my back pocket.

pancakes in a pan

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  • Interesting how you didnt like them as a kid but things changed when you were pregnant. I have always liked pancakes or waffles and my kids enjoyed having breakfast for supper. I will have to give your recipe a try, made in the oven

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