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Ten Mini Thermal Vests for Syrian Refugee Children

Ten Mini Thermal Vests for Syrian Refugee Children

I’ve recently been reminded that it’s been three years since the start of my charity marathon and I still haven’t shipped out all of my items.

mini thermal vest knit syria syrian refugees

One of my favorite projects was wool refugee vests. As further proof that these need to get out of my house, my little models here are now preschool students.

wool refugee vests syria

I have ten vests that I’m sending to the Salaam Cultural Museum who works on behalf of Syrian refugees. I get most of my information about what to send from the Ravelry group Hats and More for War-Torn Syria. They have a Facebook page as well.

I followed the pattern Mini Thermal Vest on Ravelry. It is now a paid pattern and totally worth the $4.

Needs are regularly updated, but most recently emphasizes sweaters and blankets. Wool or wool-blend is required due to open fires.

I thought I was all out of wool worsted but was reminded while cleaning that I have plenty more for another ten vests. It is a great to-go project for the beginning of the year back-to-school meetings that are coming up incredibly soon.

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