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Thrift + Vintage Spring Challenge Week 2

Thrift + Vintage Spring Challenge Week 2

It’s Week 2 of my challenge to wear only thrift and vintage items for the workdays in March. Here’s what I wore this week:

Day 6

  • American Eagle plaid flannel from Day 2
  • Boxy blue cotton sweater, $4
  • Gap gray skinny jeans, $4
  • Old Navy white sneakers, $6

Total to date: $113

Dressing in all thrifted clothes is not TOO difficult, but I really miss my Tretorn sneakers that are so comfortable and would go great with this outfit.

Day 7

day 7 thrift vintage clothes frugal clothing march

  • Gap gingham shirt, $4
  • Slouchy navy cotton blend sweater, $4
  • Chop crop chinos from Day 2
  • Lands End suede boots, $6

Total to date: $127

I was so happy to find this gingham shirt. It is very similar to one that I had for many years but wore to pieces. I recently found the sweater too and jumped at the chance to wear them together before it warms up too much.

My Lands End suede boots are one of my luckiest finds. I’ve worn them several seasons.

Day 8


  • Western shirt, $4
  • Gap gray skinny jeans from Day 6
  • Land’s End suede boots from Day 8 (THIS is what they look like)

Total to date: $131

Here are the infamous suede boots. Typical to Lands End they are high quality and comfortable. I’ve worn them several seasons and they are getting less comfortable, so I am on the lookout for a similar pair.

Day 9

  • Vintage Land’s End white cotton sweater from Day 1
  • Vintage Calvin Klein denim overalls, $2
  • Black leather Birkenstock clogs, $12

Total to date: $145

We got an extra casual day this week and overalls are my favorite thing to wear. I love that they are back although I never quit wearing them. It just means they are easier to find.

I probably wore this exact outfit in sixth grade just a few sizes smaller. It is a combination that feels the most “me.” I had a rotation of raglan baseball shirts and overalls that I wore on repeat with my floral Dr. Marten boots.

Day 10

  • Breton stripe top, <$1
  • Wide leg trouser jeans, introduced Day 4
  • Old Navy white sneakers, introduced Day 6

Total to date: $146

Here’s another reminder to get over sizing on secondhand clothes. This shirt is a petite (I am NOT), but it works great as a cropped top and bracelet-length sleeves.

Less than $1 means it came from a wonderful local thrift shop that runs bag sales. For $2 you can buy all of the clothes you can fit into a bag.

I’m noticing that I’m wearing accessories a lot more this month to add interest to my outfits. It is fun getting dressed with a creative goal in mind instead of just getting covered for the day.

Thank you to my friend Kate who took all of the good pictures in this post. I have been visiting her in the afternoons and having her take my photo in her awesome classroom. (#goals) She takes her role as “Instagram husband” very seriously. My actual husband… refer to Day #10. Haha!

So far my challenge is going well. The hardest part is shelving my favorite shoes and jeans, but I’m happy with how I look in the outfits I have. I had gotten into a rut of black jeans and plain tops but now I have been mixing and accessorizing more.

I was looking forward to some cute dresses next week, but snow is in the forecast. We’ll see! I post daily updates on my Instagram story if the suspense will kill you before next Saturday.

Thrift + Vintage Spring Challenge

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