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Thrifty Finds and My Collection of Collections of “P”

My mom recently posted about her favorite tips and tricks for thrift store shopping, so I thought I’d chime in with my latest adventure.

I visited last weekend and helped Mom update her Making Learning Fun website. We spent the afternoon waiting for the site to load and wishing we could head to Decorah. Late in the afternoon we finally said “eff it” and decided to go anyway. We made it just in time to catch our favorite thrift shop before it closed at three.

With the time crunch I was much more impulsive than usual. I am usually more discriminatory when it comes to all of my little collections but Mom is definitely a thrift enabler. She was giving me a hard time at the checkout that I was starting two new collections (plates and rolling pins) but I said I was just adding to my ongoing collection of things that start with “P.” Everything I was buying fit into that category: Pins, plates, and planters.

It wasn’t until later that I realized how true it is. I also collect Pyrex, Haeger yellow pottery, creepy baby pictures, pincushions, Houseplants, and paint by number paintings. My favorite collection that didn’t fit is my sock monkey and elephant collection, but I’ll squeeze them in under pachyderms and primates. 

I’ve always been tempted to collect rolling pins (I can’t resist a good last-name pun) but have so far resisted. Mom knows this and pointed out a cute pin. I said no, but then she found another that looked hand made and I had to have it. And being I needed the one I needed the other too, right?


The planters are not vintage but I think they would look great hanging with some macrame.


I also started a plate collection and instantly felt non-buyer’s remorse for every adorable plate I have not purchased but loved in the past.


I also found some yarn for my charity marathon for just $.50 per skein including a whole skein of Cascade 220!

Later on we went to the Blue Herron Knittery in downtown Decorah because I needed stitch markers. I bought the stitch markers but also all of the yarn I needed to make the adorable gnome hat Nisse by Tasha of By Gum By Golly. Blue Herron has a fantastic selection of Rauma Finullgarn which is my very favorite.


No trip to Decorah is complete without a stop at Oneota Food Coop. I got a new Bolga basket big enough to hold an afghan and an adorable garden planner.


My garden planner is available from Etsy seller The Farwoods. It was pretty spendy but I just couldn’t resist the adorable illustrations. There is a perfect amount of space for jotting a note for each day but not too much to be intimidating. 🙂

Since starting my new job I have been doing much less shopping. I don’t pass any stores on my way home anymore. Last weekend put a good dent in the thrifting and shopping I have missed out on!

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